Know all there is to know about your next home

Get informed. Feel confident. Make a smart decision.

You deserve to know the real condition of your Atlanta area home.

With a Pinewood Inspections home report, you get the details and the assurance you need to make the right decision.

Gain Confidence

Learn what’s right with your home – not just what’s wrong. Our reports show you all the things you won’t have to worry about.

Uncover Problems

Discover hidden issues and anticipate future repairs. Use this information to your advantage during final negotiations.

Find Solutions

Any time there’s a problem, your report shows you how to fix it. That way, you can plan ahead and budget for repairs.

Be informed

Our hands-on inspection leaves zero stones unturned and zero boxes unchecked. If a problem is visible, we will find it.

Feel Empowered

Go to your closing feeling absolutely sure you know everything about the home you’re purchasing. You can know everything. And you will.

Enjoy Buying

With a report you can trust, the stressful home buying process can be a simpler, gentler experience for your family.

Buyers: Get a comprehensive report you can rely on

  • True boots-on-the-roof, hands-on-the-pipes physical home inspection
  • Buyer-friendly report you can view on any device
  • Same-day turnaround, so you can get informed ASAP
  • Experienced guidance from a 20-year home construction veteran
  • Information you can trust, so you know you’re making the right decision

Realtors: Give buyers the best home inspection experience

  • Complete, trustworthy reports that put your clients at ease
  • Positive, open communication with all home buyers
  • Assurance and solutions for any problems with a home
  • Insights from an inspector with real-world construction experience
  • A more enjoyable, empowering process for your clients

Here’s how easy it is to get informed


Give us a call

You’ll speak with Dan Weber, Founder of Pinewood Inspections. During the call, you can tell me all about the property you’d like us to inspect.


We come to your house

At a convenient date and time, we’ll visit the property and perform an inspection. You’ll receive a complete report on the same business day.


Know what you’re buying

Get the top-to-bottom details about your next home. After reading through our report, you’ll know whether the home is a smart purchase.


Meet Dan Weber
Founder of Pinewood Inspections

I know what it’s like to get a home inspection that’s full of errors.

Once, I was doing a repair on a roof that was poorly constructed. The inspector told the homeowner it was a new roof in good condition. It wasn’t. And the inspector’s report was full of misinformation.

This happens because many home inspectors lack the expertise needed to do the job right.

I always do the job right. With over two decades in the construction business, I hold substantial hands-on experience in all the building trades.

When you’re looking for an Atlanta area home inspector, that’s exactly who you want to hire. Not just someone with an inspector’s certification – although certification is important! – but a career home construction expert who knows what to look for.


Pinewood Inspections is a certified and insured home inspection company. As a member of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), I always apply ASHI Standards of Practice when inspecting homes.

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